I enthusiastically support Cassi Marshall for Port Commissioner. Along with many local elected officials, I was hoping to do so quietly in the background, not making an issue of it. But Bill’s campaign manager has publicly announced my position and made some misstatements about why I support Cassi. 

First, I want everyone to know that this is decision between good and really great. I like and respect Bill for his many qualities and his years as a public servant; I just know Cassi is going to be amazing. Most importantly: she understands the values of compromise and partnership in public life. 

Second, there are no plans to expand the runway at Grove Field. Quite the opposite: we as a commission have decided to shelve any such discussion while we focus on the Washougal Waterfront. While I continue to believe that expanding the airport would be a great economic driver for our community, I agree with Larry, Bill and staff that we can do much more good elsewhere. Cassi has told me she also supports this position as well. 

One of the most important skills a public servant needs is the ability to clearly state their position, find a compromise that group supports, and then move on in partnership. One of the many things I respect about Cassi is that she understands this.


John Spencer, Commissioner, Port of Camas-Washougal

Cassi Marshall is running for Port of Camas Washougal Commissioner.

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