Six weeks.

That is the amount of time it took citizens to inform each other, via social media, email, and neighbor-to-neighbor conversations.

Six weeks to rally around Aster Davis & her desire to remain in her home, rather than being forced to sell to the city’s eminent domain demands.

Six weeks to rally around Barry McDonnell as a local citizen willing to stand up for the people and common sense.

Six weeks to raise just under $5,000 to buy yard signs, a few banners, put together a web page. Six weeks to have Lars Larson spread the word on his radio show, and three local TV stations do news reports exposing the real nature of this overreach.

Six weeks for citizens to find new friends from a very diverse set of backgrounds, all sharing similar concerns over the outrageous nature of this overreach.

Six weeks to expose the facts — spending 30% of your local city taxes on a pool and rec center. Six weeks to expose $850,000 annual operating losses. Six weeks to expose $800 per year fees for a family to use a pool they are paying for with their property taxes, but don’t own.

90 percent rejection — history in the making in Washington state. All in just six weeks, by citizens having to dig to expose details city staff and city councilors hoped would remain hidden from public view.

Six weeks to shine the light of truth and expose legitimate facts.

Thank you to my fellow citizens for all the amazing work you did! All in just six weeks.

By John Ley

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