Camas Resident Creates New Card Game ‘Cows In My Pants’


There’s a new card game in town, and it’s called “Cows In My Pants.” 

“Based off a joke, it’s a card game,” said creator, Kathi Sjostrom, a Camas, WA resident. “It can be a quick pickup game. You should be able to pick it up easy, but there is a strategy. In 20 minutes, you can sit around the table and play it.” 

It’s a game that Sjostrom says you can play with kids seven years and older. You need to understand numbers to be able to play. There’s a memory element in it that makes it more complicated. It’s designed to be a family and friendly pick-up-and-go game.

“I came up with the idea,” said Sjostrom. “I’ve always wanted to create board games, and we got to playing games regularly, and one night we had a funny, crazy game night and we decided to name our first game ‘Cows in My Pants’ and we sketched out a game.”

“Cows In My Pants” is a game about a bunch of cows that are dressed up, and you have to put them all back together.

The goal is to be the first player to create four of a kind, a flush, a run, or two pairs in your secret corral. Score points according to what you and everyone else has in their hand when “Cows in my Pants” is declared. 

“From there, we played it with our friends, and we decided to make a game company called Paodle Games,” said Sjostrom. “We did this before the virus outbreak. We thought about holding off, and thought we needed laughter and friends. I have multiple games we’re planning to release this year. 2020 will all be light pick up and go games, and I have heavier games, which will be released later.”

To learn more about the game, or purchase it, visit www.paodlegames.com — go the Kickstarter link.

“We are local, we love local business, but the game world is a global platform so we’re putting it on Kickstarter, which allows us to produce it,” Sjostrom. “Our game can be pre-ordered through Kickstarter. After it’s funded, it can be purchase through the website. Once everything calms down we will also have local vendors that will have it.”

Rules of the game.

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