#camasunites Donates Nearly $3,000 to Family Community Resource Center


Camas, WA — The #camasunites program, organized by Papermaker Pride, donated nearly $3,000 to the Family Community Resource Center today, which provides food and clothing to local residents.

Karen Gibson, a partner at Papermaker Pride, presented the check to Mary Weishaar and Olivia Eagle Wednesday afternoon on behalf of major donors, including Suzanne Ferguson from Juxtaposition (from sales of specific #camasunites products), Leonard and Julie Felix (representing CID Bio Science and Felix Instruments), and Katie Elliott, who makes regular monthly donations.

“We have Katie Elliott here today,” said Gibson. “Her family has donated $250 each month for the past four months, and it’s an ongoing thing for their family, that’s their give back. Suzanne from Juxtaposition has donated $800 towards today’s check, and we have a group that donates to charity and they chose #camasunites and the food program, and it was a $1,000 donation. We have just under $3,000 in this check.”

The program was started several months ago as a means to raise money to help feed local families. This is the fourth check #camasunites check presentation since the program began. A total of $13,078 has been donated through the program to date.

“Our community has been so amazing at just stepping up and helping us sustain this area,” said Mary Weishaar. “Olivia, Debbie and Rachel are working hard to get all the school supplies out to families.“

At this time, the center doesn’t need anymore clothing unless its brand-new socks and underwear. The program, located at the Jack, Will and Rob Center near Doc Harris Stadium is open to the public.

To purchase #camasunites products, visit www.PapermakerPride.com

Food at the resource center.

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