Clark County COVID-19 Activity Rate Climbs to 198 Cases Per 100,000


Vancouver, WA — Clark County Public Health reported today that the COVID-19 activity rate, which had gone down to 90 cases per 100,000 has climbed steadily over the last few weeks and is now at 198 cases per 100,000.

The health department’s Tuesday COVID-19 update includes the following data:

  • 90 new confirmed cases (21,101 to date)
  • 9 new antigen probable cases (945 to date)
  • 1 new suspect death
  • 255 total deaths to date (226 confirmed, 29 suspect)
  • 646 active cases (in isolation period)
  • Clark County COVID-19 activity rate is 198.1 cases per 100,000 (up from 147.6 cases per 100,000 last week)
  • 31 COVID-19 patients hospitalized
  • 4 people hospitalized awaiting COVID-19 test results

Additional information about the new suspect death: Man in his 50s, unknown whether underlying health conditions.

Reminder: Confirmed cases are people with a positive molecular (PCR) test for COVID-19. Antigen probable cases are people with a positive antigen test and no molecular test.

A confirmed death means COVID is listed as cause of death or contributing factor on the death certificate and the case has a positive COVID test. A suspect death means COVID is not listed as a contributing factor on the death certificate (but wasn’t ruled out as cause of death) and the person died after testing positive for COVID within 28 days.

Learn more on the COVID-19 data webpage: https://clark.wa.gov/public-health/covid-19-data

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