Vancouver, WA — Beginning today, Clark County Public Health is reporting antigen probable cases in addition to the confirmed cases that have been included in their regular reporting. 

The health department says “confirmed cases are people with a positive molecular (PCR) test for COVID-19.”

Probable cases are people with a positive antigen test and no molecular test. 

“We’ve been tracking probable cases, and we treat them like confirmed cases, conducting interviews with those who test positive, and instructing them to isolate and their close contacts to quarantine,” said Marissa Armstrong, of Clark County Public Health. “We are adding probable cases to our daily reports to better align with Washington State Department of Health data, which includes probable cases. The active case count includes both confirmed and antigen probable cases.”

Because the state’s reporting system was down Sunday for maintenance, it’s expected that today’s number is an undercount. Any cases that were not imported in the state system yesterday, will be imported today and included in tomorrow’s total.

  • 156 new confirmed cases (avg. 52 per day Fri-Sun)  
  • 19,996 confirmed cases to date
  • 27 new antigen probable cases
  • 746 antigen probable cases to date
  • No new deaths
  • 245 total deaths to date (219 confirmed, 26 suspect)
  • 406 active cases (confirmed and probable cases in isolation period)
  • 21 COVID-19 patients hospitalized
  • 4 people hospitalized awaiting COVID-19 test results

You may learn more on the Clark County COVID-19 data webpage:

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