Universal Martial Arts Reopens, Offers Jiu Jitsu Self-Defense Training


Camas, WA — Universal Martial Arts, with its focus on jiu jitsu self-defense training, is fully reopen now for business. 

“Jiu Jitsu is martial arts, and is based on leverage techniques versus strength. It’s technically a grappling martial art, but the sport side is very appealing to people,” said co-owner Mel Locke. “Jiu Jitsu means ‘gentle way’ in Japanese. You win by making the opponent surrender or by points. Our new theme is self-defense, competition, lifestyle. It becomes an exercise to stay fit.” 

The downtown Camas self-defense program lasts for eight weeks, and is contract free. They are located at 217 NE 4th Avenue in downtown Camas.

So how does it work?

Adults may take up to 15 classes a month, which are offered six days a week — Monday through Saturday.

Class times are as follows:

  • 6 am 
  • 11 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 6:30 pm Monday through Thursday
  • Saturdays 10 am

Classes last 1 or 1.5 hours apiece.

Beginner classes last an hour, and more advanced classes are 1.5 hours.

Adult single membership costs $119 per month.

Ages 7-12 $109

Ages 5-6 $99

The Family Plan costs $219 per month for two people, and each additional member costs $60 per person.

They do offer a women’s only program.

Universal Martial Arts has been operating since 1998, has full air conditioning, and is regularly sanitized for participant safety. 

To learn more, call 360.210.4588 or visit http://universaljj.com




Universal Martial Arts

One of the kids classes at Universal Martial Arts.

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