WA Commissioner of Public Lands Implements Burn Restrictions


This message is from Washington Commissioner of Public Lands Hillary Franz regarding this weekend’s hot weather and the statewide burn restrictions. This weekend, our state will enter a period of record breaking heat. Temperatures are forecast to reach over 100 degrees for most of Washington. We are also entering a period of extreme drought. This heatwave coupled with drought is extremely dangerous, creating extreme fire danger.

During this period of extreme weather and increased risk, my agency is implementing burn restrictions through most of the state to help limit fire that fire risk. But our burn restrictions alone aren’t enough. We can’t fully protect our forests or our communities without your help.

I’m asking everyone to please refrain from starting outdoor fires this weekend. The vast majority of all wildfires are caused by humans, so we’re going to need everyone to do their part to keep people safe as the weather gets hotter and drier. Some other tipes to stay safe during this fire season include:

  • Make sure your dirt bikes or ATV’s have operating spark arrestors
  • If you’re in an area where campfires are permitted, make sure you’ve doused, stirred and doused your fire again until it is cool to the touch before heading home.
  • People should use this time at home to prepare for wildfire by creating defensible space.
  • Reduce dry fuels around your home
  • Clean roof tops and gutters
  • Limb up your trees and remove dead branches
  • Pay attention to burn ban restrictions and keep an eye on your burn pile.

You can visit https://www.dnr.wa.gov/burn-restrictions to check the status of burn restrictions in your area or you can go to https://www.dnr.wa.gov/WildfirePrevention to learn more about actions you can take to prevent wildfire. These prevention steps make a substantial impact and help keep our firefighters and first responders safe.

Thank you for helping us protect our state from wildfire risk.

Hiilary Franz

Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands

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