Tifi’s Sweet Treats: 12 Year-Old Baker Goes Into Business

Sweet Treats

Camas, WA — Twelve-year-old Camas resident Stephanie Gonzales loves to bake so much she’s turned baking into a business. It’s called Tifi’s Sweet Treats.

The middle schooler has been baking for several years, and focuses on cupcakes, scones, cheesecake cupcakes, pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread), muffins, banana bread, and corn bread. 

“I’ve loved baking for the past few years,” she said. “People just tell me what they want and I make it. My mom taught me, and I’ve learned a lot on YouTube with shows like Natasha’s Kitchen, Domestic Geek, and Stay at Home Chef.”

For now, Stephanie’s sweet treat baking business can be reached at @tifissweetreats on Instagram.

“My aunt calls Tifi so that’s why we named the site Tifi’s Sweet Treats,” she said. 

She wants to start a website.

Her favorites are scones: strawberry and carrot. Her cheesecake cupcakes come in vanilla and chocolate, and she also loves making Funfetti cupcake. Her muffins are available in blueberry, banana, and chocolate chip.

To place your order just send her a DM via Instagram.

Sweet Treats
Pan dulce conchas.
Sweet Treats
Cupcakes by Tifi’s Sweet Treats.

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