Camas Police Search for Liberty Theatre Intruder, a Homeless Man


Camas, WA — Camas Police are searching for a homeless man who tried to set up camp inside the Liberty Theatre Thursday night, according to Rand Thornsley, the venue’s owner.

Thornsley said the man, whom police identified as Victor (based on security camera footage), is a local homeless man, who found his way into the theatre after it closed for business Thursday night. He is alleged to have broken into Washougal Times restaurant earlier this week, as well.

“He was discovered on Friday afternoon when the opening manager, Avery, went into the theatre,” Thornsley said. “He was in the balcony area and the other manager, Jakob [Potter], was right behind her, and they had him detained but he got away. He appeared to have stayed the night in the theatre and kept the back door open so it wouldn’t lock. Jakob was the one who tried to detain him.”

Thornsley said the intruder looked like he planned to stay a while.

“We think he left the building after we closed, went and brought his stuff and brought it back into the theater,” said Thornsley. “There are closets upstairs in the balcony area and he moved his stuff up there. Avery and Jakob made the report, provided the security camera images to the police, and they came through and swept through the building and the basement. It looked like he planned to stay there a while. They thought they had the back door secured.” 

Then the intruder returned.

“Friday night he returned and was able to get the back door open and then he broke into the office,” said Thornsley. “He got into the lock up where we keep our cash. He took cash and keys, so we had the whole building re-keyed and put reinforcements on the doors. Jakob is handling things really well. He spent the whole day getting the theatre revamped, and made sure nothing was bothered. We are back to business as usual.” 

Thornsley said police are searching for him. 

“Now that he has some cash I think he’ll get out of the area,” he said. “Thats’s my personal opinion. This is a bummer, but it’s fortunate he wasn’t destructive.”

Police are hoping the public can help them find the intruder. Call 311 during the day, and 911 at night.

Liberty’s security camera footage.

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