Storm Water Partners: Ways to Keep Our Waters Clean


Vancouver, WA — As the weather warms, it’s important to remember that small habits can have a large impact on stormwater. Car washing, cleaning up after your pets and lawn care all impact our waters in Clark County. The City of Camas is sending out reminders about proper water usage, which come from Storm Water Partners. Here are some tips:


When irrigation systems overwater or water sidewalks, driveways and streets, the runoff picks up pollutants and transports them to our streams via the storm sewer.  It’s also a waste of water and money.

Ensure your irrigation system is only watering the landscape where it can infiltrate into the soil.  

Pets and animals

When it rains, pet waste left on the ground from dogs, cats, horses, ducks, and other pets washes into storm drains and streams, polluting our water and posing health risks to children and pets.

Animal waste carries harmful bacteria, parasites and nutrients.  And with over 110,000 dogs and 30,000 horses in Clark County alone, it adds up.  In fact, E. coli is a primary pollutant in many of our local streams and lakes. 

Lawn care

Follow the manufacturer’s directions precisely for mixing and applying herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides and use them sparingly.  

NEVER apply when it’s windy or rain is expected, or over water, within 100 feet of a well, or adjacent to streams or other waterways.

Use manufacturer’s directions in applying fertilizers and sweep up spills that fall on driveways and sidewalks before they can wash off. Organic fertilizers’ slow release of nitrogen is less likely to pollute than synthetic fertilizers.

Visit www.stormwaterpartners.com to learn about ways you can minimize your impact.

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