Camas Mayor Steve Hogan Seeking Second Term in Office


Camas, WA — Incumbent Camas mayor Steve Hogan announced this week that he is seeking a second term. Hogan won the November 2021 election to finish the term of Barry McDonnell, who resigned earlier that year. He now seeks a full four-year term which would begin in January 2024.

“We’ve accomplished a lot in a short time,” Hogan said, “but there’s much more work to do.” 

Hogan cites several accomplishments in his short tenure, including:

  • Protecting Camas’ natural resources by completing plans for North Shore Subarea and Lacamas Lake
  • Repairing key partnerships with local businesses and schools
  • Strengthening public involvement and reinstitution a culture of empowerment, transparency, accountability and public service
  • Earning awards for safety, affordability and public budgeting, and a Global AAA bond rating from Standard & Poor’s

Hogan’s campaign has made his experience in both business and government key focuses. Camas’ mayor acts as CEO, managing more than 280 employees and a $125 million budget. Hogan has over 40 years in private sector business management, 16 years on Camas City Council, and two years as Camas mayor.

Another focus is partnerships. 

“Steve’s a team builder,” says former mayor Nan Henriksen, who endorses Hogan and chairs his re-election advisory committee. “He brings people together to get things done—important things the city can’t do all on its lonesome.”

A third focus is his vision for Camas’ future. 

“My vision for the next four years,” Hogan says, “is for a safe, livable and thriving city—not just for today, but for future generations.” 

Hogan, a 29-year Camas resident, is proud that both his children chose to raise their own families here, a few short blocks from the house he and his wife, Mary Beth, call home.

Other priorities include protecting Camas’ parks, trails and green spaces; implementing the North Shore, Lacamas Lake, and Downtown Camas Comprehensive plans with open, transparent public involvement processes; continuing to diversify and expand the city’s revenue base with balanced, sustainable development; and ensuring that Camas remains an open, inclusive community with a hometown feel.

To learn more, visit his campaign website, www.ElectSteveHogan.com.

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