Camas Schools Announce No School Monday; Negotiations Stall at 5.7% COLA


Camas School District Superintendent John Anzalone announced Sunday evening that Camas schools will be closed Monday.

This is his letter:

Dear Camas Community,

Camas Education Association (CEA) has informed our district that there will be no school tomorrow. They are striking.

Today, CEA presented a comprehensive proposal with higher than previously requested salary increases as well as lower than previously requested class sizes. Our district’s bargaining team is disappointed that CA is regressing.

Our district has presented its last, best, and final offer. In it, we offered to raise salaries in 2023 by 5.7% and in 2024 by 5.9%. Our district’s proposal would make CEA teachers among the highest-paid educators in the region. Our highest-paid teachers would earn over $118.363 in 2023-24 and $124,991 in 2024-25.

Conversely, CEA’s request puts the highest-paid salaries from $121,653 for 2023-24 up to $129,746 for 2024-25.

CEA’s request in its third year of the contract would put the highest-paid teachers at $135,886.

The latest information is available on our Labor Relations website.

We are incredibly disappointed in the outcome of these negotiations.


John Anzalone

Statement from CEA: “Because Camas School District was unwilling to invest in students, CEA members will strike beginning Monday, Aug. 28, the first day of student instruction. Bargaining broke off for the day today (Sunday, Aug. 27) after the district refused to make commitments to reasonable class sizes or equitable funding for music, PE, and libraries. The district is instead stockpiling nearly 1 out of every 5 student dollars, amassing $15 million in the bank while student needs are unmet. Educators are meeting tonight (Sunday, Aug. 27) to make final preparations for picketing in the morning.”

More to come.

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