Lifetime Camas Resident Gary Perman Running For City Council, Ward 1 Seat

Gary Perman

Lacamas Magazine asked businessman, Gary Perman, about his campaign to win the Camas City Council seat, Ward 1.

Why do you want to be on council?

I grew up here in Camas, and things have changed over the years. I have several issues I’m addressing in this campaign, like open communication, taxes, attracting new businesses and jobs to Camas, a common sense business approach, addressing budget issues, and preserving our city’s character and livability.

Taxes going up and nothing seems to stop it, and I think the current and previous councils haven’t paid enough attention to the taxpayer. We don’t pay enough attention to the people with limited incomes. Taxes on utilities keep going up. That’s very concerning to me.

I have the experience and skill sets to do this job, and can bring a strong business perspective to Camas City Council.

What are the top issues of your campaign?

Open Communication

Open communication channels and regular updates on City initiatives and decisions are crucial to rebuilding trust. Residents should have access to information about City government operations, budget allocations, and development plans. Additionally, City officials must ensure that their decisions are fair, unbiased, and align with the best interests of the community.


Taxes are a big issue, and it is vital to make Camas an affordable place to live. City officials need to prioritize responsible budgeting and spending to minimize the tax burden on residents, especially those on fixed incomes. Fiscal responsibility and prudent financial management should be the norm to ensure that tax dollars are utilized efficiently and effectively.

Attracting new businesses and jobs to Camas 

It is crucial for economic growth and sustainability that we attract new businesses and jobs to Camas. City officials should actively engage with local businesses and create an environment that is conducive to attracting and retaining businesses. Streamlining regulations, providing incentives, and fostering partnerships with local stakeholders can facilitate business growth and job creation.

Commonsense business approach 

Good business approaches should guide city growth and infrastructure management. Development plans should be balanced, considering the needs of the community, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainable growth. City officials should work collaboratively with developers, residents, and other stakeholders to ensure that growth is managed responsibly and in line with the community’s vision.


Adherence to the city budget is paramount to maintain financial stability. City officials must prioritize accountability in budgeting and avoid unnecessary expenditures. Transparent reporting of budget allocations and expenditures should be readily available to residents to ensure that the City’s financial resources are managed responsibly and in line with community needs.

Preserving Camas’ character and livability 

Preserving our city’s character and livability is crucial for maintaining the unique charm of the city. City officials should take steps to protect natural resources, preserve historical landmarks, and promote sustainable practices. Inclusivity and community engagement should be fostered to ensure that the needs and aspirations of all residents are considered in decision-making.

What is the city doing correctly?

The Parks and Rec department is a good thing. We have an excellent parks system here, and the city has worked hard to lower the homeless issues, like the one we had at Good Park, where we had a lot of homeless people and needles laying around, which became a danger to children, and really everyone. The city’s work eliminated a big mess. 

Now, our neighbors can have picnics there again. We’ve had two this year already.

Who is Gary Perman?

I’m a life-long Camas resident, I graduated Camas High School and earned a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University. I’ve been married to Becky for 39 years, and we raised our two sons in Camas. I’ve owned and operated PermanTech Search Group, a successful Camas based recruitment business specializing in finding critical talent for the U.S. electric and alternative vehicle industry.

I’ve been a recruiter for 27 years, and it’s taught me how to talk to people, and I feel all people deserve respect.

I’m a member of St. Matthew’s Lutheran here in Washougal, and I work on the civil service commission.

If elected, I will prioritize open and transparent communication with citizens, ensuring that important information is shared in a timely and accessible manner. I will work towards increasing citizen participation in public meetings, allowing for meaningful engagement and input on decisions that impact the community. I will also be diligent in managing the city’s budget, prioritizing spending, and opposing unnecessary tax increases.

Furthermore, I will leverage my experience in business and economic development to attract living wage jobs to Camas, promoting economic growth and prosperity for the community. I will also work towards protecting the safety and well-being of our neighborhoods by supporting our law enforcement officers and public safety personnel.

I recognize that the $78 million pool bond and the approval of a rehab center near an elementary school are contentious issues that have raised concerns among citizens. If elected, I will ensure that decisions are made with careful consideration of their impact on the community and with a strong focus on listening to and representing the needs and priorities of the citizens of Camas.

To learn more about Perman’s campaign, visit www.votegaryperman.com

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  1. Margaret Tweet
    Margaret Tweet says:

    Gary’s business background will add needed perspective to the Camas City Council. The incumbent for this position voted in 2022 to add new Utility Taxes on Camas residents. In contrast, Perman helped circulate a referendum petition to give citizens a vote on whether the new tax should be levied. This demonstrates his effort to reach out for input from the community when it comes to vital issues such as raising taxes. (The number of signatures required on the petitions fell slightly short of the required number, so voters will not have the opportunity to cast their vote on the new tax) There are 3 city council positions and the Mayor position that are all voted on city-wide. Thanks to LaCamas Magazine for bringing information to residents about Camas City Council and Mayor races.


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