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A Nation in Motion: Where Did People Move In 2023, and Why?


If you look at this migration map, you’ll see the top states where people are moving to include states with warm weather, such as South Carolina, Arizona, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida. It appears we’re flocking to states with warm weather, but there is more to it than people getting tired of snow and ice. California had a serious exodus in 2023 despite the glorious weather. Let’s take a closer look at why people moved where they did in 2023.

Lower Cost of Living

Since COVID, there has been a surge of individuals who work from home. While many of the remote workers have gone back to their offices, a number of people started their own businesses where they work from home. Professionals, such as therapists, also learned they can work from home and have virtual appointments with clients.

When you work from home, it does not matter where you live as long as you have a high-speed internet connection. Housing costs are less, as are groceries, car insurance, and more. When you pay less to live, you can keep more of your profits for yourself.

Spacious Homes and Yards

Some of the top cities where people are moving from include Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago. There are pleasant cities, but homes are expensive. When moving to cities such as Tucson and Charleston, which are top inbound cities, families with kids crammed into small city apartments in places like NYC find spacious homes with large yards attractive. They can have gardens, livestock, treehouses, and other things people in tiny apartments and houses in some cities only dream about.

Lifestyle Benefits

States like New Jersey to Connecticut, are losing residents who are getting tired of the fast-paced lifestyle they lead. Most southern states have a noticeably slower atmosphere, with far fewer traffic jams and people greeting each other as they walk down the street instead of racing to their next destination. Stress may be okay for people in their 20s, but as we get older, we realize a life with less stress leads to longer and generally happier lives.

Better Employment Opportunities and No State Income Tax

California, with its famous tech industry rates, is losing residents rapidly. Individuals realize that other places, like Tucson, AZ, and Charleston, SC, have booming tech sectors without the very high cost of living. Salaries in Silicon Valley are high, but the housing costs eat the money up quickly. People are also moving to states, like Tennessee and Florida, with no state income tax, allowing residents to keep more of their money in their pockets.

Living Closer to Nature

States like Arizona, Florida, and South Carolina are seeing more people who choose to live there to be near nature. Beaches, state parks, and golfing are more enjoyable in places with sunny weather. Living near nature is also appealing to people who now work from home and want to get out and away from their computers.

People have different reasons for moving to another state, it’s clear some states are far more popular than others and other states are losing residents every year. Only time will tell to see if this trend continues in 2024.

By: Katherine Robinson, a writer for Allied Van Lines

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