Camas Wrestling Coach John Constien Named GHSL Wrestling Coach of the Year


Camas Wrestling Coach John Constien has been named the GSHL Wrestling Coach of the Year after completing a very successful third season as Papermaker head coach. 

Constien has won back-to-back District Championships and this year took home League, Districts and Regional titles and had his second top 10 finish state finish.

“I’m grateful!,” said Constien. “I appreciate the recognition. We worked extremely hard as a program over the last few years and this is for all of us.”

His players paid tribute. 

“Coach Constien truly deserves the Coach of the Year award,” said senior wrestlerJackson Lougen. “I have never witnessed a coach have complete dedication to our team like Constien did. He was so committed to helping us become the best we could that he would get up at 5:00 just to let us get a morning practice in. Constien went above and beyond to ensure our growth and success. His efforts and the additional work and investment in our team was incredible. Coach Constien helped us learn valuable skills outside of the room. Things like dedication in the classroom, being grateful for friends and family. It’s hard to put into words what coach Constien had done for our team but he completely deserves this award.”

Coach John Constien and Camas wrestler Simon Jarrell.
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Constien spends time with his athletes explaining technique, strategy, and focus.

“It’s no surprise to me,” said senior wrestler Elliott Scott. “Constien has always been just as much of a friend as he has been a coach. Never gets impatient when we don’t understand something, gets us back on our feet after a loss. Always making it a positive environment in the room with his reggae jams. Our trophy shelf reflects it, coach of the year for sure.”

Constien is also a big promoter of the sport, encouraging media presence and works to drum up public support.

“He helps us personally in what we each need individually,” said wrestler Simon Jarrell. “That has been huge because we all have different things we need to work on. He also helps us with our mentality, which helps a lot.”


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