Sewage Spill Contaminates Lacamas Lake

Lacamas Lake

Due to a sewage spill that began Thursday at Pacific Rim Blvd in Camas, Clark County Public Health officials are advising residents, and their pets, to avoid the water in and around Lacamas Lake, which is a popular destination for runners, walkers, hikers, cyclists and boaters.

The spill was discovered late in the day along Pacific Rim Blvd. and workers urged drivers to slow down to prevent raw sewage from flying around, said a local witness.

Chuck Harman of Clark County Public Health said the leak was reported to the Department of Ecology, and was repaired, but it caused contamination in Dwyer Creek, Lacamas Creek, and Lacamas Lake. Workers continued to monitor the situation during the night to make sure no more leakage would ensue. A backup malfunction caused a leak in a pipe in the main sewer line.

Clark County Public Health estimates that 100 gallons of raw sewage was spilled per minute. Residents and their pets should avoid contact with water from the area of the spill and the path of the water downstream. Public Health staff have posted warning signs.

The DOE is coordinating the response to the spill.

Harman said more information is coming as the Department of Ecology monitors the situation.

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