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Health Department: Lacamas and Round Lake Health Advisories Lifted


The Clark County Public Health Department has officially lifted health advisories at both Lacamas Lake and Round Lake in Camas as the blue-green algae, also called blooms of cyanobacteria, left both bodies of water in recent days, according to a Public Health statement released Tuesday.

Warmer temperatures increase the risk of algae blooms returning, and Public Health advises swimmers and boaters to be on the lookout for floating blue-green scum and to avoid any contact.

Lacamas Lake has had many health advisories in the past, and many locals are aware of it history. Local residents complain that toxic runoff from lawn fertilizer is to blame, while others cite the man-made lake lacks proper water flow, which increases the likelihood of blue-green algae issues.

Public Health also said that blue-green algae blooms are still present in other Clark County recreation spots, including Vancouver Lake’s Burnt Bridge Creek inlet while a warning remains at Vancouver Lake, which tested positive for elevated levels of cyanotoxins just days ago.


Public Health collected water samples for testing earlier this week, and if toxins are no longer present, then Vancouver Lake’s warning may change.

Vancouver Lake’s algae blooms have been presented since June 12, and Public Health will continue to monitoring the lake by taking regular water samples to test for possible toxins.

To learn more, visit the Public Health public beach website. And, if you see any algae blooms, you may report those at Public Health’s website.

A link to a past article about Lacamas Lake: https://lacamasmagazine.com/2016/02/5856.html

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