Vancouver Victory: Zach Morris, 17 and Semi-Pro

Zach Morris

Interview soccer player, Zach Morris, of Vancouver.

by Haley Childers

Since he could remember, Zach Morris has always been a soccer player. “My parents volunteered at the YMCA when I was really young and I remember playing every sport while I was there, but I decided to pursue soccer after that, and it just went from there. So since I was 4 years old I haven’t stopped.”

At seventeen years old he is currently playing at the semi-pro level with Vancouver Victory FC, currently in his second season playing goalie. The season is off to a great start, with 5 wins and zero losses for the team.

Coach Aaron Lewis said Zach’s age hasn’t presented any challenges for anyone on the team.

“Physically, Zach is a mature player,” said Lewis. “He also has a great attitude, always looking to improve and takes opportunities whenever he can get them. He’s a helpful teammate and is always looking for ways to give back to the team and the community.”

Zach Morris

Zach Morris

Lewis says that the goal of Vancouver Victory is to develop great soccer players, giving them a place to perform and flourish so that they can grow as players, as well as serving the community to give back to Southwest Washington.

Morris highlights several coaches who have really helped him grow as a player: “Andy Barth who coaches for North Florida University, Sorin Popovici, who I met at the Olympic Development Program when I was 10, and I’ve been training with him ever since. Aiden Brown who coaches at the Timbers, all of them have helped me out a lot. They’ve really raised me as a player, put me under their wing in a way.”

His passion in life is definitely clear: His whole life is soccer – no outside hobbies. Besides playing for Vancouver Victory FC, Morris is excited to start working for Kidz Love Soccer, a group that offers camps and classes to communities in Washington, Oregon, California, and Texas. It serves as a non-competitive environment for kids to build confidence and self esteem. And as for the future, Morris is excited to see what college brings and hopes to play on a university team and eventually professionally.

“It’s just the drive, soccer never gets old for me. I just love it.”

Zach Morris

Zach Morris practices with his teammates.


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