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Camas City Council Appoints Deanna Rusch To Vacant Seat


CAMAS, WA — The Camas City Council, in a series of roll call votes Monday night at City Hall, appointed attorney Deanna Rusch to fill the seat left vacant by former councilman Tim Hazen.

Eight Camas citizens had applied for the seat, and the council spent time with each individual, asking them each five questions. The council then deliberated, voted, and their final decision was made late Monday. This is standard practice when an elected official leaves office prematurely.

“I had applied the first week of December,” said Rusch. “Then, I was contacted last week for the interview. The interview was in front of the whole City Council, the City Administrator, City Attorney, Police Chief, and several other city employees.”

During 12-minute interview, Rusch was peppered with questions about her priorities for Camas, what local issues interest her, what legal boundaries she would have as public official, and how she deals with conflict.

“As a divorce attorney, I deal with conflict daily and often have to deliver unfavorable news,” she said. “But, it was a nice interview, and I really didn’t expect to be appointed. There were so many other highly qualified applicants.”

Rusch will be sworn in January 2, and assume her duties representing Camas Ward No. 1, Seat No.1, which covers southeast Camas, including the downtown area. Her term will end December 31, 2018, so she will begin a campaign for a full term likely next summer.

“We had so many incredible applicants,” said Mayor Scott Higgins. “It’s really very fortunate. We also encourage people to come volunteer for open seats we have on various committees, such as the City of Camas Parks and Recreation Board. These are important positions and impact our future.”

As a councilwoman, Rusch wants to help the city manage growth issues, come up with creative ways to help Camas market its attractions, and continue to attract living wages jobs to the area.


Rusch is single, grew up in Happy Valley, OR, and is the oldest of nine children. She is currently a divorce attorney for McKean Smith in downtown Vancouver, and has practiced law for 11 years. In 2003, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Societies, and Justice from University of Washington, and went on to earn her Law degree from Gonzaga University in 2006.

She moved to Camas two years ago, and looks forward to serving her new hometown.

To learn more visit www.cityofcamas.us

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