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Portland, OR — They only perform a few times a year, but two local Clark County-based volunteer Portland Choir and Orchestra members say they’re grateful to be part of such a prestigious organization.

The group recently performed an eloquent Christmas Concert at the Newmark Theater, in downtown Portland, which helped usher in the holiday season.

Curtis Bedont, a Camas resident, and Marc Davis, a Washougal resident, both have respective orthodontic and chiropractic practices in Clark County. Both shared their thoughts with us about singing for the Portland Choir and Orchestra.

“This is my third year singing with the Portland Choir and Orchestra,” said Bedont. “The PCO is a combination of professional and amateur musicians and I am definitely on the amateur side. Before I started singing with them I would have never imagined that I would be part of such an amazing organization. Every concert I am blown away by the professionalism of the leadership of the choir who organize everything together into a Class Act performance. This Christmas concert was no exception. With the combination of our choir and orchestra as well at guests Edmund Stone and the Bells of the Cascade, this year’s performance was so fun to be a part of, and everyone that I spoke to that attended loved it! The mission or tag line of the Portland Choir and Orchestra is ‘Inspiring the Northwest’. This is achieved by providing quality musical performances at an affordable ticket price. We have choir practice Thursday evenings and I look forward each week to going because it is so fun and inspiring to sing with this group.”

Inside the Newmark Theater.

“I sang with the choir for a year and a half and then my schedule was just too busy so I took a year off,” said Davis.  “I missed that inspiration that singing in a top notch Choir brings. Needless to say, I rejoined the Portland Choir and Orchestra this past season. The practices each Thursday are a highlight of my week. They are like therapy to me — with the beautiful harmonies and the music we sing. Our Christmas Concert this past Saturday achieved its goal of getting my family and many others into the Christmas Spirit. Loved it. Dr. David Thomas is an amazing, accomplished Artistic Director and leads us each week. Dr. Ed Higgins masterfully directs the Orchestra. The Bells of the Cascades is led by young 23 year-old prodigy Matthew Compton. We in the choir loved having him direct one of our songs.”

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To learn more, visit www.musicinportland.org

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