Washougal, WA — Mayor Molly Coston and City Councilors Paul Greenlee, Ray Kutch, and Julie Russell took their ceremonious oath of offices Monday night at the Washougal City Council’s first public meeting of 2018. They were all sworn in by Judge John Hagensen.

Coston had already assumed her duties, and Monday’s oath was a ceremonious one. Greenlee, Kutch, and Russell took their oaths together, and the the council went about its public meeting.

”I’m very excited to be here,” said Coston, who went on to address high residential growth, which she said brings “big benefits and challenges.”

Russell is new to Washougal, and won her first city council race in November. She has already been assigned her committee duties: Finance, Public Works, Cemetery, and Parks.

“Since I’m new on the council, Finance and Public Works are good places to start,” said Russell, “to get a feel of where the money goes, and how the Public Works Department works.”


City Councilors Paul Greenlee, Ray Kutcher, and Julie Russell take the oath of office.

The council heard from the public on the following:

Port of Camas-Washougal Waterfront Plans: High level plans for the area will be unveiled later this month.

Proposed Washougal bike park: Ed Fischer and Jan Verander urged the council to keep the proposed bike park moving along, as it was recently halted. Coston said the project was discussed at Monday’s workshop and that the council wants to move forward with the bike park. Verander said the park “is a great place to have an imagination, and some kids are solo people.”

The council also voted on some resolutions:

  • Minutes
  • Major accounts payable and payroll claims
  • New personnel policies

Coston had a brief mayor’s report, and the council took turns welcoming it newest members.

To learn more, visit www.cityofwashougal.us


Julie Russell signs her oath of office at the conclusion of Monday’s Washougal City Council meeting.



Washougal Mayor, Molly Coston, takes the oath of office from Judge John Hagensen.


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