Camas, WA — At Monday’s public meeting, the Camas City Council voted 5-2 to adopt an ordinance to reduce the number of days that fireworks may be discharged from three to two. Effective 2019, fireworks may be discharged only on July 4 from 9 am to midnight, and on December 31 from 6 pm to 1 am on January 1 of the subsequent year. For 2018, the dates haven’t changed, but enforcement has.

On multiple occasions this year, the Camas City Council and Staff have been listening to public input about fireworks use within city limits. The four options presented to the public were as follows:

  1. Keep the ordinance intact, as is.
  2. Limit fireworks usage to only the 4th of July, and New Year’s Eve.
  3. Create a “safe and sane” ordinance, which limits which fireworks can be lit.
  4. Ban private Camas fireworks all together.

Monday’s vote adopted option 2.


The City of Camas issued the following statement:

“The Council heard from those seeking a total ban on fireworks, and empathizes with their concerns. The Council also heard from those who enjoy the Fourth of July celebration with family and friends, and recognizes their input.”

Until these dates and hours dates take effect in 2019, the city asks residents to heed the current schedule of approved dates and times for setting off fireworks in Camas and Washougal over the Fourth of July holiday, as shown below.


Fireworks schedule.


The Council also adopted a new ordinance for violations and penalties. Effective this year, the Fire Marshal, Camas Police, and Code Enforcement have the authority to issue citations for illegal fireworks or for discharging fireworks outside of the adopted days and hours. The first violation is $250, second violation is $500, third violation is $750, and $1,000 for each subsequent violation within a three-year period.

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Public Hearings on Fireworks Usage

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