Camas, WA — More than 100 volunteers gathered at Lacamas Lake Saturday for their annual cleanup, which was organized and supported by local businesses and organizations.

The cleanup is scheduled each year to coincide with the lake’s draw-down, which allows Georgia-Pacific to inspect lake dams and perform maintenance. During the draw-down, water levels are reduced by approximately 6 feet.

WaferTech, IQ Credit Union, and Journey Community Church were on hand to provide food and resources for volunteers.

”We found a lot of things today,” said Lamont Warren, who was there with his wife, Sherry, and four of his five grandchildren. “We found cans, bottles, cigarette butts.”

Sherry said they found a grill, an old rusty chair, and a lot of debris along the Lacamas Lake Lodge deck. Local Boy Scout Troop 565 was there to help out.

The Lacamas Lake Cleanup began two decades ago by the Lacamas Shores Homeowners Association. Boaters and trail walkers would pick up litter around the lake, but it wasn’t an official event.

Over the years, the effort has grown to become a community wide event. Volunteers typically collect garbage ranging from bottles and cans to items like rusty chairs and aquatic recreational toys.


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