Washougal Times Has Its Official Grand Opening This Weekend!

Washougal Times

Washougal, WA — The former Heller’s, long a staple of Washougal, is now Washougal Times.

The new owner, Ben Jackson, took ownership on January 2, and he and his team have spent considerable time and money renovating the space.

Their grand opening is this weekend, April 12-14. Friday and Saturday nights will be filled live music, by Train River Blue Grass, which is a 4-piece band from 7:30-10 pm. They’ll have a customized menu for a large volume of people with over a dozen choices.

“We’re an ode to the community and the history of the community,” said Jackson. “After spending time in the 2 Rivers Heritage Museum we have gone back to 1890 to 50 years ago, and we’re showing the rich history. We’ve had a lot of people come in and identify people — there’s my mom and there’s my dad, and they’ve given me more photos of the history.”

“There is plenty of room on the walls for more times to come. The business is about something for everyone in the community. Something for kids, for families. Heller’s legacy is strong. Their 40-plus years of business they did was something else. Also, trying to make sure we offer up new things, but maintain some of that old feel of what Heller’s was because it was great. That’s why we do Prime Rib on Friday’s and Saturday’s, that’s why we have the Heller’s sign up.”

Washougal Times
Enjoy a delicious burger with onion rings.

Food wise, Washougal Times is simply American done well. It’s splashed in with Pacific NW ingredients with burgers, BLT’s, meatloaf specials, Copper River Salmon, fresher ingredients that are all around us. It’s about looking at what the community needs, so they’ve create menus around that. Then as the community changes the menu will change, as well.

“We want to make sure we’re paying attention,” said Jackson. “We offer comment cards with each guest and chat with them about their experience. We don’t want people walking out the door unhappy. What can we do to make that right?”

The symbol that’s above the restaurant represents rushing water, which is why it’s in blue. Washougal Times is all about the community and the history and the times of this area.

“On the marquee we have the slogan drink, eat, repeat,” said Jackson. “Come visit.”

Hours: 11 am – 10 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. Open until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Closed Monday.

Located at 1826 E Street, Washougal, WA 98671

Visit www.WashougalTimes.com

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