The Clark County Elections Office provided an update on the Camas Mayoral race today.

According to Greg Kimsey, the final results from the Camas Mayoral race won’t be known until the middle of next week due to the high volume of write-in ballots coming in from Camas and throughout Clark County. Other cities are taking a priority, as well.

Each ballot will be closely analyzed by elections personnel and members of both major political parties. They will confirm signatures, analyze hand-writing and then have each ballot counted and tallied.

If a name is misspelled, but it’s clear the intent of the voter, it will count. There are still 27,000 ballots countywide left to count.

At stake, is the manual count of more than 2,700 write-in ballots cast in the Camas Mayoral race. Voters cast votes for at least three candidates: Barry McDonnell, Melissa Smith, and Awna Underwood. Currently, the write-in votes account for about 60 percent of total votes cast for the Camas Mayor position.

You can see countywide results here:

Here’s an update of the voter data from throughout Clark County:

Number of Precincts303
Number of Registered Voters293,385
Total Ballots Counted78,696
Estimated Ballots Left to Count27,000
Next Ballot Count On11/07/2019 5:00 PM
Last Tabulated11/06/2019 4:57 PM
Voter Turnout26.82%

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