The brand-new roundabouts on State Route 14 in Washougal were officially open for business earlier this week at an official ribbon cutting at Steamboat Landing Park, which was attended by local dignitaries including Mayor Molly Coston, Washougal City Council members, Port of Camas-Washougal Commissioners, and State Senator Ann Rivers.

“It is officially open to traffic, and is functionally complete,” said Tamara Greenwell, Communications Director for WSDOT’s SW Washington Region.  “They are the way they’ll need to be to move forward. We still have a couple slip lanes closed, and there will be landscaping and touching up loose dirt and planting, then finishing all the electrical work. Electrical work is all of the lighting on the sections, which is being updated and we’re waiting on electrical cabinets to power the lights.”

They are installing a Washougal sign and the roundabouts feature stunning metal artwork/sculptures by Angela Ridgway. They are now there on the grounds. 

VIDEO REPORT: To watch a video on the ribbon cutting, click here.

“It’s a really beautiful welcome to Washougal,” said Tyler Yeoman, the project’s chief inspector. “We still have soil and plants to make it look better.”

The total cost for both roundabouts is $7.5 million, which includes design, construction, new lighting, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and landscaping. 

At the ribbon cutting.

The new ITS equipment will track traffic and alert WSDOT about any issues. That will be installed in November. There are minimal traffic impacts, and Greenwell said the project will be 100 percent complete by the end of the year.

The started in late May — right after Memorial Day.

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  1. Max
    Max says:

    You can put in 14000 roundabouts and people will still speed and drive like jerks
    What we need are more officers on the street and write people up for all traffic infractions

  2. Robert Lawson
    Robert Lawson says:

    The city spent over $7 million for those traffic hazards? I drove through the poorly designed roundabouts traffic jam creaters, today. What a joke!



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