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DeVore Sees Growing Demand For Dog Walking, Pet Care Services


Camas resident Heather DeVore loves to work hard, but she’d rather work outside — rain or shine — than sit at a cubicle or desk all day long. So, after a career commuting to Portland, DeVore has traded in the laptop for a dog leash, and she’s not looking back.

“Once the company I worked for closed down, I realized I should be taking care of pets all the time,” DeVore said. “So, I took an online first aid CPR course for cats and dogs. It’s been great! I now have several clients.”

Why pets? 

“I love animals, especially dogs,” she said. “I rescued an older German Shepherd from the Humane Society. My son suggested we should adopt older dogs to give them a good ending. We had him four years, and he was just 10 when he passed away. He was a big dog! His name was Max. We called him Maximus Prime. His last days were great. We went to the park, he had steak and ice cream from Top Burger, played with all his best friends. He was so happy. I feel like he knew the end was there.”

Her service, which is called Heather’s Hounds Dog Walking & Pet Care, is about giving care to pets during the day while they’re cooped up in crates or kennels. DeVore said she feel so much better working outside.

“People have to work, and they don’t like leaving their dogs alone without exercise during the day, so that’s where I come in,” said DeVore. “We’re just having the best time. With most clients, I go over to their homes, let them out, and play with them in the backyard everyday. Some clients I take their dogs out on walks. It’s good for them.”

She also enjoys the different personalities. At one client’s house, Cash, a German Shepherd pup doesn’t want his sister, Adrienne, to have any attention. 

Heather walking dogs as it begins to rain. She walks them rain or shine.

“Adrienne just stares at you. We’re working on being calm when he goes into the crate, and calm when I put him in. Each dog has their own personality. I have one dog at home, Miss Myla, who is a German Shepherd. I’ve also had another pup stay at my house for the weekend.” 

DeVore usually starts her morning with her own dog, and then at 11 she tends to clients. There seems to be a growing demand. 

She’s also an avid wood worker. 

“I build shelves, shiplaps, tub trays, and lots of cool things. I just looked stuff up and decided to start making things.”

More on that next time.

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