CAMAS, WA – In order to focus all efforts on fighting COVID-19, the City of Camas has put construction of the Lake-Everett Roundabout on hold. In two weeks, on April 15, the City will revisit the construction stoppage and decide how to proceed.

Four additional public construction projects currently underway are also being halted: improvements to Brady Road, construction of the 18th Avenue Reservoir, construction of the Lacamas Creek Pump Station and improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The City will immediately begin working with contractors to ensure the construction sites are safe and secure during the stoppage.

“As you know, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation frequently. Things change very quickly,” said Mayor Barry McDonnell. “Governor Inslee is continuing to call for additional protective measures across the state. These important projects will ultimately move forward, but I believe that stopping all construction in Camas at this time is the right decision for everyone’s health and safety.”

For full project details and ongoing construction updates, the public is invited to visit


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  1. Kevin Sudbeck
    Kevin Sudbeck says:

    Stopping construction at all sites in this arbitrary and capricious manner illustrates the mayor is a rookie and is in over his head. It should also teach the citizens the error of voting in a reactionary manner. I live by the Lacamas Lake Pump Station construction site and see that the Tapani Construction Team is taking the recommended CDC precautions for business. They need to continue their construction, so their employees can earn a living and the necessary public infrastructure project gets completed without bleeding more of the taxpayer’s money. As the Director of Safety of a essential defense contractor, I am very aware of the CDC guidelines. The rookie mayor has a 50/50 chance to make the wrong decision 90 percent of the time. Let’s hope hope he does a thorough review But as reactionary was his run and election, I’m not betting on it.

  2. Joe Nounou
    Joe Nounou says:

    The lake road and pump station projects should move ahead. This is the best time to proceed.

    1) schools closed, less traffic

    2) those projects are essential and keep construction workers working

  3. Scott M
    Scott M says:

    I live in Camas where I see cars driving by on Brady Rd. but I do not know how many cars pass by every day, just as you would have no true idea the day to day actions of the Tapani Construction Team near your home. Simply because you tout yourself as an expert in safety gives you little credence for how Tapani is currently following guidelines. Besides that’s not even relevant for this decision. I can think of numerous analogies but won’t bother. As a side note, I see the construction workers on Brady Rd. working very closely to each other often. Now, that doesn’t bother me per se, but I’m guessing Tapani would be similar, in that they do what it takes to get the job done out there.

    You are absolutely correct, he is a “rookie mayor” as you describe in your first sentence. I doubt anyone will argue with that assessment as it’s a fact even he will admit. As to whether or not he’s in over his head, I suppose time will tell. But you can’t think he didn’t have input from numerous stakeholders from the City, County, State and other regional entities. Yes, he is accountable and probably in the end made this call, as we should expect. I would counter to say that while you may not agree, this has nothing to do with him being in over his head or not. It’s simply you don’t like he was voted by a majority of Camas citizens for the office he holds.

    You take a very tactical approach to a strategic issue. I believe this was an appropriate decision, whether or not I agree. But I can’t for the life of me bake that in to a “told you so” moment for an election that didn’t go your way. Your numbers illustration is clever however.


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