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Camas Schools: Update on Meetings, Video Conferencing, Grading, Graduation


The Camas School District (CSD) continues to make adjustments related to the COVID-19 outbreak and its lingering effects on education. This article contains the latest CSD updates.

School Board Meetings

The CSD School Board has now conducted their second school board meeting remotely. If you’re interested in joining in the future, you can do so through the information provided at http://www.camas.wednet.edu/about-csd/school-board/meeting-info/

School Communication

Schools will be sending information about the remote learning week with any announcements and special events. CSD will be continuing to work at streamlining this communication with you. 

Video Conferencing

Earlier this month, CSD notified families they were delaying video-conferencing between students and teachers as they researched the safety and security of various platforms. As of Wednesday, April 15, Google Meet will be supported as the teacher-student video-conferencing platform for Camas School District. 

  • CSD Netiquette – Message to Families: Please review these guidelines with your student(s), if you have not done so already. The information includes an explanation of video-conferencing and an opt-out process, should families so choose. Complete the opt-out process by Tuesday evening, April 14, as teachers may begin using Meet the following day.
  • The Zoom video-conferencing platform will still be used for some teacher-parent communication.

Print Resources

Please contact your school administrator or teacher for more information if you are having difficulty accessing resources online or need additional support. The team continues to find creative ways to problem-solve with you. 


High School: Due to the emergency closure of schools by Governor Inslee, high school students and middle school students earning high school credits will have two options for how final grades will be posted. Additionally, the governor has stated that student grades will not be harmed as a result of the closure. Students not meeting minimum passing requirements shared by their teachers by the end of the term will receive an incomplete and be given opportunities to work towards the credit.  Please review the grading expectations document for more important details.

Senior Project: Camas High School will be adjusting the criteria for completing senior projects. High school staff will provide information and support to help students complete projects with adjusted criteria. 

High School Credits: Students will still be required to meet the 24 credit requirements. Should students receive a No Credit or Fail a course, they will be required to make up work for those classes as needed to meet core graduation requirements. Class of 2020 students who were previously on track to graduate may be eligible for additional considerations due to new waiver legislation. 

For middle school trimester three final grades, students will be receiving a pass or no credit grade. Middle school students taking high-school level courses will be graded in the same manner as high school students. Students can select a pass/no credit or the grade option by June 1. 

Elementary school report cards will be completed at the end of the school year in June, like in previous years. Teachers will record marks for all applicable areas which apply under distance learning circumstances; some areas will not be able to be assessed and will be left blank. Our practice of teaching and learning continues during this time and our teaching staff is committed to providing engaging learning opportunities for each student and family. 


Graduation is such an amazing celebration for each student, their family, and our community. CSD will be working with staff and students to plan a virtual ceremony in June, and they will also plan on having a traditional graduation ceremony at the earliest, safe date allowed by our state. CSD is committed to providing a graduation ceremony for all of our seniors.

Lacamas Magazine will keep you updated on Camas schools when new developments arise.

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