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City of Camas Proceeds With Lake-Everett Roundabout Construction Project


CAMAS, WA – Today, the City of Camas announced that after a two-week construction stoppage, it will proceed with the Lake-Everett Roundabout and four other essential public projects: improvements to Brady Road, construction of the 18th Avenue Reservoir, construction of the Lacamas Creek Pump Station and improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. All are authorized under Governor Inslee’s original March 23, 2020, Stay Home, Stay Healthy proclamation.

All contractors, consultants and City employees are required to follow COVID-19 safety precautions and guidance provided by Labor & Industries (L&I) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) while on the construction site. Noncompliance may result in the temporary suspension of work. To meet the requirements, several changes have been made:

  • Contractors have expanded and improved their own COVID-19 Response Plans in accordance with CDC, OSHA and L&I guidance and recommendations for the type of work being performed.
  • Contractors’ plans are being reviewed by a certified industrial hygienist who not only has expertise in COVID-19 and illness prevention, but also in job-site safety planning and prevention. Contractors must submit final plans prior to starting work.
  • All staff inspectors, project managers, consultants and subconsultants have received training from the industrial hygienist on the contractor’s plan, their own protection and COVID-19 compliance.
  • The City has designated an experienced construction inspector to serve as a COVID-19 safety inspector who will visit job sites, monitor safety and check COVID-19-procedures daily.

The City of Camas will continue to track all COVID-19 news and updates and will react accordingly on all projects. For an up-to-date listing of changes to City programming and operations during the COVID-19 crisis, the public is encouraged to visit www.cityofcamas.us/ourcommunity/covid-19.

For full Lake-Everett Roundabout project details and ongoing construction updates, the public is invited to visit www.cityofcamas.us/lakeroadconstruction. Information on other capital projects is available at http://www.cityofcamas.us/projectsalerts.

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  1. Kevin Sudbeck
    Kevin Sudbeck says:

    On April 1st, Mayor Barry McDonnell proudly and emphatically announced an unnecessary halt to necessary city construction. Now, with this announcement, he’s no where to be seen. Did the citizens torch him for his unnecessary action. I hope so. Learning is accomplished best when it is accompanied by a dramatic and severe experience. In the future, make smarter decisions for your constituents, or bow out.


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