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COVID-19 Data Update: Latest Numbers For Washington State, Clark County


This is the latest COVID-19 data from multiple sources: Washington Department of Health, CRESA, Johns Hopkins, University of Washington, and updates from local hospitals.

Agencies in Washington and throughout the nation continue to update websites, and provide conference calls explaining what’s happening with the data they gather. This is a quick snapshot of what’s happening, as of April 15, 2020.

  • COVID-19 positive tests statewide: 10,694 (+156 over 2 days).
  • COVID-19 negative tests statewide: 112,160
  • COVID-19 deaths statewide: 541 (+25 over 2 days).
  • Clark County COVID-19 deaths: 15 (unchanged over 2 days).
  • Clark County positive COVID-19 tests: 258 (+19 over 2 days).
  • Clark County COVID-19 cases hospitalized (ICU): 7 (unchanged)
  • Clark County COVID-19 cases hospitalized, total: 20 (+1 over 2 days).
  • Local produce growers are having difficulty getting plant starts for their operation due to reduced workforce/capacity among their suppliers.
  • PeaceHealth Southwest is currently low for testing supplies and PAPR hoods.
  • Legacy Salmon Creek is critically low on duckbill N95 masks (Med-line & Kimberly Clark) and PAPR face shields. They are low on PAPR helmets, Oxivir Wipes, and GlideScope Blades and Disposable covers.
  • Otherwise staffing, beds, and other supplies are currently green for area hospitals.
  • In-house testing capabilities are now operational at PeaceHealth Southwest.
  • Clark County Community Services ​has established 116 beds​ in the Vancouver area for isolation of people who are unhoused and are confirmed to have COVID-19 but do not require medical treatment, and quarantine of people who are confirmed to have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19.

We will continue to post new COVID-19 data.

COVID-19 data: Cases in Washington show the curve starting to flatten.

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