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Vancouver Police Launch Temporary Prescription Delivery Program


Vancouver, WA – On April 16, 2020, following the lead of neighboring law enforcement agencies, the Vancouver Police Department will begin a pilot prescription delivery program that is anticipated to be in effect for City of Vancouver residents while the Washington State Stay-At-Home Order is in place.

Vancouver Police Officers, teamed with Vancouver Police Recruit Officers who are waiting to attend the Washington State Basic Law Enforcement Academy, will be providing free prescription delivery service to qualifying City of Vancouver residents.

In order to qualify for this free delivery program residents must:

Because the Vancouver Police Department cannot guarantee the time of the delivery, if an urgent delivery is needed, another delivery option must be considered.

Residents who meet the above criteria may call the Vancouver Police Department at (360) 487-7355 to request a prescription delivery from a Clark County pharmacy.  This service is available Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Immediately following pick-up arrangement residents must:

  • Contact their pharmacy to order and pay for their prescriptions and notify the pharmacy that Vancouver Police personnel are authorized to pick up their prescriptions. 
  • If the pharmacy informs the resident of a delay to fill the prescription the resident must call the Vancouver Police Department with information on when the prescription will be available for pick up.
  • The participant will need to present valid photo identification to the Vancouver Police employee at the time of delivery.

During deliveries, Vancouver Police personnel will be in their official uniform, will carry identification, will wear personal protective equipment (PPE), and will follow physical distancing guidelines. 

The Vancouver Police Department will be monitoring this pilot program daily and based on this assessment, the program will be evaluated for continuation or may be discontinued if it is not meeting the needs of the community effectively or appropriately. All pending and confirmed prescription deliveries will be completed prior to the program being discontinued.   

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