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Downtown Camas Business Signs Program Now a Fun, Cool Reality


Given the COVID-19 pandemic, with most people confined to their homes, you probably haven’t seen the long-planned Downtown Camas Signs program become a reality.

“We have been wanting way-find signs for years,” said Carrie Schulstad, Executive Director of the Downtown Camas Association (DCA). ”Last year there was a little extra funding through downtown maintenance, and so we reached out to businesses to see what we could do with those funds. The way-finding signs are what stuck. We did a collaborative effort, and it’s an example of how Main Street works. The merchants all paid their signs, but the city paid for the poles and the installation. The end result is stunning!”

The DCA coordinated the project with all the local merchants.

A total of eight poles and 40 signs for downtown retail stores and restaurants were constructed and placed a few weeks ago. In addition, there’s a mill town collage, which is covered in plastic, and will be unveiled when society reopens. It was supposed to be unveiled April First Friday.

A few signs have to be re-done and will be installed soon.

“We are expanding the vibrancy of downtown Camas to 3rd and 5th streets and to all the side streets. It’s been a challenge because those streets don’t have all the electrical infrastructure that 4th Avenue does,” said Schulstad. “These signs help people know what stores are on these other streets. It creates awareness.”

And, of course, the timing of this is the great irony. When businesses re-open they will see a nice addition to downtown.

“We look forward to seeing everyone back as soon as it’s safe to do so,” said Suzanne Ferguson, owner of Juxtaposition, which is a brand-new furniture store. “The signs are beautiful.”

Wendy DelBosque, who manages Natalia’s Cafe, says the new signs add a nice touch to a “beautiful downtown.”

On the corner of 4th and Dallas.

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