In an effort to help Downtown Camas businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, several local businessmen banded together to create The Camas Shirt Project.

Mel Locke, owner of Universal Martial Arts, and Joseph Graves, Founder of HYVÄ SPC, are working hard to do what they can to help out. The shirt was designed by Tolo Tuitele, of Fuel Medical, and printing is being handled by David McCalib’s team at Printforia at the Port of Camas-Washougal.

Their goal is to sell 20,000 T-shirts, with profits to be distributed to downtown businesses.

“Mel wanted to do something to help out downtown, which is the heart of Camas,” said Graves, who lives in Washougal, but was raised in Camas. “This all came together very quickly after that first conversation.”

To get your shirt, visit

To have your business included in the profit sharing, join at:

Program Overview

  • The shirts will be printed on demand so there is no need for pre-ordering or buying a large amount of inventory
  • They’ll add up the online sales, subtract the cost and divide by the number of participating businesses
  • To be considered a participating business and receive an equal portion of the profit, a business only needs to do two things:    
    • Help get the word out, this can be done through: 
      • social networks
      • email lists
      • physical displays 
    • Let them know who you are and that you want to participate at
  • Buy shirts at cost and sell directly to your customers:
    • Let them know you want to resell on your sign up form
    • This provides more revenue to you as a merchant
  • Shirts can be purchased at  

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