Vancouver, WA — On Saturday, Carolyn Long hosted a Small Business Roundtable with John McDonagh, President of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce; Ted Sprague, President of the Cowlitz Economic Development Council; and Eric Olmsted, Founder and CEO of On Line Support.

During the event, Long moderated a conversation in which guests spoke about a variety of topics pertaining to local businesses, the issues they are grappling with in the face of the coronavirus crisis, and the crucial information and resources being made available to small businesses who are dealing with the impacts of the economic shutdown. The conversation centered around questions submitted by people in the community, the key issues the guests have been working on and hearing about from small businesses, and the extensive resources they are focused on connecting small businesses with.

The guests continually emphasized the strength they are seeing in their communities, the incredible resilience and adaptability of our small business owners, and the impressive, innovative steps that are being taken at every level to save companies and jobs. They also all discussed the importance of effective and constant communication with the small business community because, as John put it, “small business people are focused on running their business.” 

“This has been incredibly helpful and informative. I thank you, John, Ted, and Eric for joining,”  Long said. “Thank you to all the small business owners out there. As I mentioned, I really think about my experience personally growing up as a member of a family that had a small business — and knowing that the resources like the ones here, that you’ve talked about today, might have been available to us would have been reassuring. So thank you to the small business owners, who are really the backbone of our economy. I will continue to be a strong advocate for small businesses as I continue on with my bid for Congress.”

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