Carolyn Long Campaign Announces Over $682,000 Total Raised in the Second Quarter of 2020

Vancouver, WA — Today, the Long for Congress campaign announced that its total raised during the second quarter of 2020 is $682,000 — bringing their total raised for this cycle to $2.29M — and that it has over $1.58M in cash on hand.

The campaign said this quarter their team was able to raise these funds from thousands of contributions — 91 percent of which were low-dollar contributions, and over 77 percent of which were local — reflecting what they say is “a strong, sustained grassroots support for Carolyn’s candidacy and her campaign to represent Southwest Washington in Congress.”

The Long for Congress campaign hasn’t taken any corporate PAC money. 

“This impressive fundraising quarter is another demonstration of the incredible grassroots support for Carolyn Long here in the district — and a testament to the fact that Southwest Washington is ready for new leadership,” said Abby Olmstead, Campaign Manager. “In these incredibly difficult times, folks in our communities recognize that we can’t go on with business-as-usual politics in DC. We need a leader who will put people first, fight to protect health care and lower the cost of prescription drugs, and ensure that our path to economic recovery prioritizes small business and working families. Carolyn is that leader — and together, we will build a better future for Southwest Washington.”

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s campaign team hasn’t released their second quarter campaign numbers yet.

Long will be conducting an interview with Lacamas Magazine next week. Stay tuned.

To learn more about the Long campaign, click here: https://electlong.com

To learn more about the Hererra campaign, click here: https://www.votejaime.com

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  1. Kevin Sudbeck
    Kevin Sudbeck says:

    Her brand, is the brand of the current Democrat Party. The party of BLM, Antifa and Criminal Behavior. I won’t support or vote for anyone who identifies with that brand. I don’t want Antifa taking over our downtown, I don’t want the FBI weaponized against the political opponents of Democrats, and I don’t want BLM and their false theology of systemic racism. Therefore, I won’t vote for Long, who is only going to bring these flawed ideas from Portland. I urge all the decent people our congressional district to vote against Long and her brand of Democrats.

    • Renee Raphael
      Renee Raphael says:

      AGREE That is a lot to raise 🤨 Note to self: follow the $ A vote for Long looks like an invitation to the same ant-LE sentiment ie rioting violence lawlessness & chaos we’ve all seen over in Portland OR If they want that kind of representation over there then they can reap the whirlwind. That’s why WE’RE ON THIS SIDE OF THE RIVER SAY SO LONG TO LONG!


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