To the Editor:

In Camas, we have an incredible opportunity to elect a leader who will sit across the table from you. Senator Rivers has been in the Senate eight years but still goes out knocking on doors. She leaves her phone number on fliers so that any constituent can call her, and makes sure to have a town hall or public event with her constituents every quarter, not just during campaign seasons. Not too often do you have the chance to elect a politician who is genuinely service-oriented. My son is an intern for her and I can speak on some of the stories he’s told about her. Trying to direct homeless families to resources, helping people with disabilities get pandemic relief, working as a golf caddy to put her son through college, and of course, giving an opportunity to my son, are all examples of her service that I can testify to. 

As a leader, she’s exactly the type of person you want to have a line of communication with. Ann Rivers is the whip of the Republican party and rises above party labels to work on bipartisan bills. No matter who you are, you can count on her to answer your calls, return your emails, and work for you in Olympia. With all the problems we currently face we should not accept anything less than an experienced leader who cares about us. Ann Rivers is the clear choice for the state senate.  

Eric Gonzalez

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Senator Ann Rivers

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  1. Glenn Kincaid
    Glenn Kincaid says:

    This man is delusional. She is a self serving bought and paid for RINO. Write in Tom Mielke! Ann was determined by the CCRP to not be endorsed and was not truly a republican at out last PCO quarterly meeting. She is supported by special interest donors. And because of her votes your gas tax’s and property taxes are sky high. It’s time for us citizens to send her packing. Let’s show Julie Olson what’s on the way for her next cycle!


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