Vancouver, WA — Unofficial election results for Washington statewide and local races are in, according to Clark County Elections and the Secretary of State’s Office.

Governor Jay Inslee won a record-tying third term, handily defeating Republican challenger, Loren Culp. 

Culp, police chief of the small town of Republic, campaigned in part against Inslee’s coronavirus restrictions like mandatory masks, saying they infringe on people’s constitutional rights.

Nationally, the presidential race is still to early to call at this writing. President Donald Trump currently has 213 electoral votes, while former Vice President Joe Biden has 238 electoral votes. There are currently several states that are undecided or haven’t been called: Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alaska, and Nevada. 

The House of Representatives remains in Democratic control, and Democrats have picked up one Senate seat, but need four to take control of the upper chamber. At this hour, Republicans likely will maintain control of the Senate.


Joe Biden (D): 2,015,633 or 61 percent 

Donald Trump (R): 1,214,894 or 36 percent

3rd Congressional District

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R): 179,838 or 54 percent

Carolyn Long (D): 151,961 or 45.6 percent

“Thank you, Southwest Washington,” Herrera said in a statement. “I am grateful for the overwhelming support I’ve received in this race and am ready to keep working for this region in Congress. My first priority has always been standing up for the people of my home region and solving problems on their behalf, and my approach won’t change. I’ve worked to make health care and prescription drugs more affordable, battled to keep our small businesses afloat and employees on the payrolls during this pandemic, and delivered vital relief to families and during this challenging year.

“We have our work cut out for us in the next two years to get through this challenging time and return our lives back to normal, but I know we can do it. My sleeves are already rolled up, and I’m ready to support our communities to get it done.

“The results show that folks in Southwest Washington want an effective solver representing them in Congress. You have my word: I will continue working to keep this region as the greatest in the country to raise a family, earn a living and spend your retirement.

“Again, I’m so incredibly grateful to the voters of Southwest Washington for entrusting me to be their voice in Congress.”

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler.


Jay Inslee (D): 1,936,773 or 59.5 percent

Loren Culp (R): 1,305,236 or 40 percent

Lt. Governor 

Denny Heck (D): 88,164 or 46 percent

Marko Liilas (R): 63,062 or 33 percent

17th Legislative District Senator

Lynda Wilson (R) 38,822 or 51.9 percent

Daniel Smith (D) 31,277 or 47.99 percent

17th Legislative District Representative, Position 1

Tanisha Harris (D) 33,387 or 51.9 percent

Vicki Kraft (R) 31,775 or 48.7 percent

17th Legislative District Representative, Position 2

Paul Harris (R) 38,658 or 68 percent

Bryan White (R) 15,344 or 27 percent

18th Legislative District Senator

Ann Rivers (R) 40,975 or 53.5 percent

Rick Bell (D) 33,317 or 43.5 percent

18th Legislative District Representative, Position 1

Brandon Vick (R) 44,178 or 58 percent

Kassandra Bessert (D) 31,810 or 41 percent 

18th Legislative District Representative, Position 2

Larry Hoff (R) 41,039 or 53 percent

Donna Sinclair (D) 35,173 or 46 percent

“I’m grateful to represent this district for another two years,” said Hoff. “I think the lead will grow, and Donna sent a text this evening conceding. We will get together soon and discuss campaign points. I look forward to it.”

Representative Larry Hoff.

49th Legislative District Senator

Annette Cleveland (D) 35,573 or 59.5 percent

Rey Reynolds (R) 24,119 or 40 percent.

49th Legislative District Representative, Position 1

Sharon Wylie (D) 38,853 or 65 percent

Justin Forsman (R) 20,293 or 34 percent

49th Legislative District Representative, Position 2

Monica Stonier (D) 38,743 or 65 percent

Paul Llafet (R) 20,630 or 34 percent

Secretary of State

Kim Wyman (R) 1,639,752 or 51.6 percent

Gael Tarleton (D) 1,534,022 or 48 percent

State Auditor

Mike Pellicciotti (D) 1,758,266 or 55 percent

Duane Davidson (R) 1,391,321 or 44 percent

State Attorney General

Bob Ferguson (D) 1,878,349 or 59 percent

Matt Larkin (R) 1,299,547 or 40 percent

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