Camas, WA — To assist longtime Camas resident, Mariah Corbin, who is fighting a rare form of brain cancer, locally owned and operated Champ Pizza is donating 20 percent of their sales on Tuesday, January 12.

“We will donate 20 percent of all revenue on January 12 at all three of our locations — Camas, East Vancouver, and Salmon Creek,” said Champ Pizza’s managing partner, Tyson Cook. “We hope everyone orders a pizza, some wings, and desserts so we can raise as much money as possible for this Mariah and her family.”

You can order by phone (see the list of phone numbers) or at

Champ Pizza phone numbers:

  • Camas: 360.210.5262
  • East Vancouver: 360.828.7029
  • Salmon Creek: 360.573.8569

Update on Mariah

“Mariah has been recovering super well from her second brain surgery which took place just over 3 weeks ago,” said her father, Derrill. “She’s more tired than she was in her recovery from the first surgery. However, with all she’s been through over these months, it’s completely understandable.”

“She’s been relatively pain-free for more than 2 weeks, only needing Tylenol, which is nothing short of miraculous! One significant point to note is that this last surgery caused a permanent field cut in her right eye. This means that she lost a major part of her sight on the right side. And while we knew it was probable, it is disappointing and something we’re praying for recovery from.”

Champ Pizza West

(Serving NW Vancouver/Salmon Creek) 

13317 NE 12th Ave Vancouver, WA 98685

(360) 573-8569

Champ Pizza East

(Serving East Vancouver)

1900 NE 162nd Ave Vancouver

(360) 828-7029

Champ Pizza Camas/Washougal

3252 NE 3rd Ave

Camas WA 98607

(360) 210-5262 

Champ Pizza.

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