Champ Pizza’s Mariah Corbin Fundraiser Brings in $1,040

Champ Pizza

Camas, WA — The January 12th fundraiser for Camas resident Mariah Corbin, who is fighting a rare form of brain cancer, brought in $1,040, which represented 20 percent of Champ Pizza’s Tuesday’s sales.

Tyson Cook, Champ Pizza’s managing partner, presented the check, along with some pizza and breadsticks, Thursday night to Mariah’s father, Derrill.

“We just received another bill today and so these funds already have a place to go! THANK YOU,” Derrill said. “Mariah is in a reprieve right now, not in a lot of pain, but she is having some vision issues. We were able to have an enjoyable Christmas.”

Mariah’s health issues surfaced last summer and in September she was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer that’s only affected 35 people in the United States. Derrill said 34 of those 35 people have died.

“The community has been amazing,” Derrill said. “We are so grateful for the love and support you’ve shown us.”

Derrill said each day is challenging as new issues arise, and as bills mount. He said one of the latest treatment options has a $5,000 copay.

Cook saw the previous fundraisers by Grains of Wrath and Natalia’s and decided to step in. 

“We are happy to help,” Cook said. “And, we want the community to know we can do other fundraisers when the need arises.”

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