Vancouver, WA — Clark County Republican Women have sent the following correspondence to Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler regarding her public announcement to impeach President Trump:

“In the strongest of terms Clark County Republican Women (CCRW) condemn your plans to vote to impeach our sitting Republican President. We urge you to do the right thing by reversing this course.

“If you cast this vote to impeach, you will demonstrate a complete disregard to the citizens who elected you in the Third Congressional District of Washington. If you cast this vote to impeach, you will never receive our support or votes again at any time in the future. Additionally, we will do everything in our power as the largest Republican Women’s organization in Washington State to recruit and elect a conservative candidate who will represent our values.

“On behalf of our entire membership, the CCRW Executive Board is unified in condemning your actions to betray a sitting Republican President. And this vote will never be forgotten, as your action is a personal affront to the 70 million plus Americans who voted for our President.”

Liz Pike, of CCRW adds: “Congress takes six months to pass a Covid relief bill to help everyday Americans, but they can pass another hoax impeachment in 72 hours or less. With its current makeup, why would anyone ever take this Congress serious ever again? They are a joke! Fire them all!

“Politicians are the only ones who create problems for the American people, then they blame everyone else for the results while campaigning for even more stupid ideas to fix their mess.”

Clark County Republican Women was founded 71 years ago.

“Our mission is to promote an informed electorate through political education, to increase the effectiveness of women in the causes of good government through effective political participation and to facilitate cooperation among Republican Women’s Clubs. CCRW fosters loyalty to the Republican Party and strives to promote its ideals, and to support the objectives and policies of the Republican National Committee, the Republican State Central Committee and to work for the election of the Republican Party’s nominees,” CCRW said in statement. 

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  1. Thank you Congresswoman
    Thank you Congresswoman says:

    Thank you Congresswoman for your impeachment vote. You have represented this voter in your district. In Clark County Bidden got 51.3% to Trump 46.2%.

    YES, you are representing your constituents

  2. John M. Ratcliff
    John M. Ratcliff says:

    Thank you, i am in agreement with you. We cannot condemm anyone without a trial, little alone the president of the United States.


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