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Special Election Results: Washougal School District Levies Failing


Washougal, WA — According to the Clark County Elections Office, Washougal School District voters are rejecting the district’s two replacement levies that were placed on the February 14 special election ballot.

The latest results show WSD’s replacement educational programs and operations (EPO) levy, or Proposition 10, had received 2,433 “no” votes (52%) and 2,331 “yes” votes (47.8%), while Proposition 11, the WSD’s replacement capital facilities and technology levy, had received 2,322 “no” votes (51.7%) and 2,172 “yes” votes (48.2%).


Washougal voters were asked to consider a replacement Enhanced Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O) to fund services and operations not funded by the state or federal government.  

These services include:

  • Instructional Support: Librarians, secretaries, para-educators, textbooks, curriculum, food service, AVID program, community programs including Spanish Speaking Family Nights, preschool, and the Drug Free Communities grant match
  • Student Learning & Staffing: Art & music, Advanced Placement, Highly Capable Program, professional development & training, substitute teachers, classified staff substitutes, special education teachers and support staff, English Language Learner support, teachers above state funded levels to keep class sizes lower.
  • Athletics & Activities: School athletics, coaches, advisors, performing arts programs, extra-curricular activities, transportation
  • Operations & Maintenance: Custodians, grounds staff, maintenance staff, utilities, supplies, equipment, fuel, vehicles
  • Health & Safety: Security staff, counselors, nurses, Family Community Resource Coordinators

The EP&O Levy will be assessed at $1.99 per thousand of assessed value for tax years 2024, 2025, and 2026.  The levy is projected to generate $9,500,000 in 2024, $10,500,000 in 2025, and $11,500,000 in 2026.


According to WSD, the Technology Levy dollars pay for the district’s 1:1 initiative, up-to-date computers and devices, classroom instructional technology, professional development and coaching, technology infrastructure and staffing, and digital curriculum and software.

Starting in 2025, as bond collections decrease, the proposed Capital Levy would increase by a corresponding amount to fund some additional projects.  

If approved, the Capital levy would be assessed at $0.21 per thousand of assessed value for tax year 2024, $0.84 per thousand in 2025, and $0.85 in tax year 2026.  The levy would collect $950,000 in 2024, $3,950,000 in 2025, and $4,150,000 in tax year 2026.

The additional funds would be used to replace the roof at Washougal High School, improve security at our schools, improve ADA access for main entrances, update carpet and vinyl flooring in schools, and install more efficient heating systems and controls.

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  1. Glenn Kincaid
    Glenn Kincaid says:

    Beautiful! It’s about time Washougal Citizens said NO! To bad Vancouver residents didn’t wake up and vote their Schools down. It will never be enough people. Washougal will try and scold us all for this. Don’t allow it. Find your waist. You’ve been fleecing us all for way to long already. City Hall take note your next. PCO 940

  2. Arthur Shidner
    Arthur Shidner says:

    The levy failed because you are continously putting the cost of running your extra activities on the backs of home owner. Then when the levy fails this is not acceptable let’s do it again. If it passes this time do we do it again to see the best out of three. The people have spoken accept it and learn to use the money you have more effectively.


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