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About the Artist: David Gerton and His Exquisite Copper Works Art


Camas, WA — Known for his exquisite copper works, David Gerton grew up in Colorado until the age of 16 when his family moved to the Bay Area in California. Many happy hours were spent fishing with his dad, his grandfathers, and cousins.  They fished all over the state with occasional forays into Wyoming and Montana. They were always chasing the wily trout, and these adventures formed the foundation for his love of the natural world. 

David’s father, mother and grandparents taught him to love his country, freedom and how fortunate he was to be a citizen of the United States, and that patriotism often shows in his works.

David’s professional career was spent in the commercial and industrial lighting industry, but his avocation and passion were always in design and art. His goal is to produce patriotic works of art and works celebrating the wild things found in nature. Included are wild critters, wolves, cougars, bears, fish, turtles, eagles, owls and raptors, and landscapes. A number of pets have been memorialized in copper.


Mixed Media Copper is the Medium

So, how does it work? An image is drawn on thin copper sheet with a marker, then by use of a series of small hammers and embossing tools the copper is shaped into the likeness of what Gerton is trying to depict. Once the three-dimensional image is complete, a variety of paints, patinas and washes are used to “antique” and color the copper. A torch is used in concert with color mediums to create subtle colors. A variety of transparent alcohol inks and a couple of special coloring techniques create the final color palette.  

The result: the flat copper is turned into three dimensional “paintings” appearing to have much more depth than they do. The goal is to make the works look like art but as life-like as possible. Each work is signed twice, one visible and one hidden. A wax seal of an American Eagle is applied before pouring a layer of crystal-clear epoxy resin over the finished piece. The resin provides a finish which is clearer and tougher than glass.  No glass is used when framing the art.

Each work contains a hidden heart.  It is up to the viewer to find the second signature and heart hidden in each piece.  

Most works, including the largest, are made of single sheets of copper. High Definition Giclée images of the original copper are available on aluminum in several sizes up to and including 4’ by 8’.  Many large pieces have left the studio with the largest being 5’ x 10’.

Copper Works Art can be found in collections around the country with pieces being acquired by collectors in Europe and the Middle East. Copper Works has participated in many shows, festivals, and Plein-Aire events, and has been honored to receive People’s Choice, Artist of the Month and Best in Show awards. 

The Copper Works Art studio is in Southwest Washington overlooking the Columbia River. To learn more, visit: https://www.copperworksart.com


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