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Health & Wellness: Getting to Know Pins & Needles Aesthetics in Camas


Meet Aleksandra Cherednichenko, a surgical Family Nurse Practitioner, who owns and operates Pins and Needles, a medical aesthetics clinic in Camas. Lacamas Magazine interviewed Cherednichenko, and asked her several questions about her background, her clinic and the services she provides.

1. What services does Pins and Needles provide? 

I provide wrinkle relaxers to treat natural aging lines in addition to treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and migraines, dermal fillers to replace lost volume in the facial area, microneedling of the facial area to reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and to boost collagen, and chemical peels.

2. Can you explain your focus on the medical portion of aesthetics? 

As medical practitioners, I believe that it’s our duty to offer patients only evidence-based and FDA approved products. It is also up to us to educate patients on the risks of each procedure and say no to patients when something is not medically indicated. For example, when the “Barbie” movie came out, aesthetic providers started marketing Barbie tox to patients to reduce the size of their trapezius muscles. This is not medically indicated unless a patient is suffering from chronic pain or migraines, yet people were requesting this service and you saw this trend pop up all over social media. Aesthetic procedures are medical procedures that carry risks, they are not just beauty treatments.

3. What are some common misconceptions about aesthetics medicine? 

I think a common misconception about aesthetic medicine is that only wealthy people get treatments, when in fact people from all walks of life seek out these services. Aesthetic medicine is also a partnership between the provider and the patient, where goals are set and different treatment modalities are used to achieve desired results.

4. What does it mean to be a surgical NP? 

My full-time job is being a liver transplant nurse practitioner and I get to practice as part of a multidisciplinary abdominal surgery team, with an emphasis on liver and kidney transplantation. This means that I am intricately aware of how our bodies work and can foresee complications from invasive procedures, like the kind that we perform in aesthetic medicine. 

5. What is your background as an FNP? 

I was an RN for almost a decade prior to obtaining my FNP from Maryville University, and spent my time at bedside in acute and critical care. After completing my clinical rotations for graduate school I knew that I wanted to specialize and found that my critical care background matched well with my current surgical specialty.

Pins and Needles is located inside Whole Glow Health and Beauty:

5420 NW 38th Ave

Suite #33

Camas, WA 98607

503.214.2431 and texts are welcome

Her Instagram handle is @pins_needles_aesthetics

Learn more at www.pinsneedlesaesthetics.com where you can book an appointment. 

Aleksandra Cherednichenko is a surgical Family Nurse Practitioner, who owns and operates Pins and Needles, a medical aesthetics clinic in Camas.
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