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Washougal Mayor David Stuebe Running for State Representative


Washougal, WA — Washougal Mayor David Stuebe recently declared his candidacy for State Representative (LD-17) to succeed Paul Harris. With a distinguished career in public service and a commitment to community, Stuebe is bringing a wealth of public service experience and a local perspective to the race.

A retired Marine Colonel, Stuebe pledges to champion critical issues such as public safety, affordable housing, and the development of stronger communities in Southwest Washington.

“Having served our nation in the Marine Corps for decades, I understand the importance of safety, security, and unity,” Stuebe said. “As Washougal’s Mayor, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges facing our community. Now, I’m ready to take that experience to Olympia and work tirelessly to address these issues at the state level. I have always finished what I started and intend to remain Mayor of Washougal.”

Throughout his tenure as Mayor, Stuebe has demonstrated a commitment to an environment where families can thrive, businesses can prosper, and everyone can feel safe. His platform prioritizes public safety initiatives that aim to bolster law enforcement resources, promote community policing efforts, and enhance emergency response capabilities.

Stuebe said he is dedicated to tackling the pressing issue of affordable housing and recognizes the strain it places on families across the state. He plans to advocate for policies that promote access to affordable options, address the homelessness crisis, and alleviate the burden of skyrocketing housing costs.

Stuebe emphasizes the importance of building stronger communities through investment in infrastructure, education, and healthcare. With a vision of collaboration, he seeks to bridge divides and promote unity among Washingtonians from all walks of life.

For more information about David Stuebe’s campaign call 503-504-3099.

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