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Congressional Candidate Lewallen Releases Agenda to Solve Drug Epidemic


Camas, WA — Third Congressional District candidate and Camas City Council member, Leslie Lewallen, a Republican, today released her agenda on solving the region’s drug epidemic.

In her statement, she said “Fentanyl and dangerous drugs have invaded the Evergreen State and have created a dangerous epidemic that is destroying families and killing our kids. In 2023, the DEA removed 4.8 million lethal doses of fentanyl in Washington state and over 1,700 people lost their lives due to overdoses in Washington – a 37% increase. We have to acknowledge that our drug epidemic is a result of our wide-open southern border.”

Lewallen said that fentanyl and dangerous opioids come across the southern border, up the Interstate 5 corridor, and into our communities. 

“President Biden and his Democratic cronies like Marie Gluesenkamp Perez are responsible for our border crisis and under their rule, Washington is a border state. They have cut laws to secure our border and support our brave border patrol agents and are standing by as these poisons enter our communities.

“Last week, I met with these parents during a town hall in Camas. I heard the heartbreaking stories of the murders of their children and the devastating effects that fentanyl and other deadly drugs have wrought on their families. I discussed my agenda to close our southern border, give victims the resources they need, and take back Southwestern Washington from the drugs that have infiltrated us”.

Lewallen’s Agenda

  • Secure our southern border and implement President Trump’s policies including “Remain in Mexico” policy, support our border patrol agents, and build the wall. 
  • Implement a 30-day grace period where insurance companies have to provide care before they can deny it. 
  • Require healthcare centers to be proactive and reach out to those struggling with addiction with resources and ensure that a detox process is complete before being released. Private facilities will take “pro bono” cases to help people – not just the ones with money.
  • Hold drug dealers accountable with harsher sentencing and work with the District Attorney’s office to ensure prosecution. 

To learn more about Lewallen’s campaign, click here.

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