Football: Bellevue Stuns Camas Late in Fourth Quarter at Doc Harris


CAMAS — They never doubted themselves. That’s what Bellevue’s quarterback, Bryson Sleeper, said after Friday night’s incredible rally late in the fourth quarter at Doc Harris Stadium.

The Wolverines, trailing by 14 points half way through the fourth quarter, scored 24 points on the Papermakers, winning the incredible game with a 41-yard field goal with 1 second left on the clock. Final score: 38-35.

“We’ve known all season that we are we so motivated, and dedicated,” said Sleeper. “We do weight room in the morning, after games, we do conditioning all the time. We practice every single week as hard as we can. We practice every single play. We were down by two touchdowns late in the fourth quarter, but we knew we weren’t going to lose. We came back. We had a strong motivation on the sidelines. Everyone was cheering as loud as they could. Honestly, we couldn’t get ourselves down at all. We were confident, but we knew going into this it would be a close game.”




Jed Michael felt confident, but was also shocked he made the final field goal that sealed the deal.

It wasn’t the ending that Camas was expecting.

The Camas defense halted Bellevue on three consecutive drives with fourth-down stops, but Bellevue’s defense, though, forced a punt that was blocked, which set them up for their late rally, with under 5 minutes left.

Bellevue recovered an onside kick and scored on a 53-yard run by Drew Fowler to tie the game at 28.

A Camas pass was then deflected, which was caught by Bellevue, and within three plays, Alex Reid scored for Bellevue, leading 35-28.

Camas executed well deep into the fourth quarter, and when they got behind, they didn’t give up.

Andrew Boyle threw to Jackson Clemmer, who ran 63 yards to score at 2:17, tieing the game. The Papermaker defense forced a punt, but the Wolverines intercepted with 25 seconds on the clock — and they got close enough to score a field goal.


Camas QB Andrew Boyle.

“We just knew Bellevue was going to bring a lot of guys that like to blitz,” said Boyle. “We knew we’d have to throw the ball, so we prepared well this week, and we did make a lot of great plays — the line protected me well. It was just a great team effort. We don’t give up, and it’s a great team to be a part of.”

Boyle threw for 292 yards and five touchdowns. Luc Sturbelle scored three touchdowns, while Clemmer scored two.

“We came out knowing they had a good defense but the corners played soft,” said Sturbelle. “They were just good throws by Andrew really. He just dropped them in perfectly.”

Camas plays at Heritage next Friday.

Photos by Jon Pugmire.

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