Washougal, WA — Washougal High School’s new Panther of the Month Program celebrates the individual achievements of students by sustaining a culture of learning that not only values academic success but elevates awareness of student contributions to the Washougal community at large.  

“We have so many amazing students to celebrate in our district,” said Michelle Massar, WHS Associate Principal.  “We are excited to launch this program to recognize them and to help share their contributions with our community.”

Student nominations and selections are based on the WHS Pillars of P.R.I.D.E.  Those are perseverance, respect, integrity, diversity and empathy. 

“Staff members nominate students to be considered for the award,” said Massar.  “The WHS Climate and Culture committee selects one nominated senior, junior, sophomore and freshman to receive the award each month.”  

The January 2021 Panthers of the Month are:

Wyatt Sims, Class of 2021 – “Wyatt has made my job as a teacher enjoyable. He participates in class and documents his labs. I enjoy reading about his lab work and learning more about him through these experiences. He is a fine young man, and I am impressed with his work ethic and core values.”

Jacob Streuli, Class of 2022 – “Jacob is always engaged in Zoom and the quality of his assignments is outstanding. If he needs help, he seeks it out. But what I appreciate even more is his positive attitude and leadership abilities!”

Alyssa Harness, Class of 2023 – “Alyssa is working hard during both synchronous and asynchronous times and earning amazing grades. She is a great kid and is putting in the hard work.”

Amanda Acevedo, Class of 2024 – “Amanda is a student who constantly tries to engage her classmates in our classroom. She tries to get everyone into the conversation and even if she does not succeed, she still tries again the next day. Her presence in the Zoom classroom makes our classroom better.”

“Students are being recognized with a yard sign placed within the first five days of the month, their names on the WHS reader board, social media announcements, photos displayed in the school’s front lobby, and more,” said Massar. “We are really proud of these first four honorees.”

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