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Clark County Elections Office: Voters’ Rejected Ballots Can Still Be Counted


Vancouver, WA — Approximately 4,000 mailed ballots countywide were rejected from last week’s election, the vast majority of which are due to signature matching issues, said the Clark County Elections Office Tuesday. Affected voters were mailed a letter explaining the resolution process.

Greg Kimsey, Clark County Auditor, issued this statement on Monday, which explains how to resolve these signature match problems:

“Voters who have had their ballot rejected due to their signature on their envelope not matching the signatures contained in their voter registration record or because the signature is missing from their ballot return envelope may resolve those issues up until 5 pm on Monday, November 28.

“Signature update forms are sent to all voters with rejected ballots with a letter explaining how they may resolve their signature issue so their ballot can be counted. The letter explains that voters have until 5 pm Monday, Nov. 28 to return the completed form, so their ballot may be counted.

“Elections’ staff understands candidate campaigns are contacting voters regarding rejected ballots. The Elections Office strongly encourages voters to only return their signature update forms directly to the Elections Office, by USPS, or via someone they know and trust. The forms must be received by 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 28.

“Elections Office staff are not visiting voters at their residences or texting them. If a voter has provided the Elections Office their phone number on their ballot return envelope and have not returned their signature update form, they will be called within three business days before the Nov. 29 certification date to remind them to return their signature update or missing signature form. Phone numbers provided to the Elections Office are exempt from public disclosure and are not provided as part of any public records request.

“Voters may check their ballot status online at https://clark.wa.gov/elections/wheres-my-ballot/ballot-status-tool 

“After entering first and last name and date of birth they may select BALLOT STATUS to learn if their ballot has been accepted or rejected.”

His message concluded, stating that voters may contact the Elections Office at 564.397.2345 or [email protected] with questions regarding the status of their ballot or how to resolve signature issues.

Approximately 3,300 ballots have left to be counted from last week’s election.

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  1. Bill Barnum
    Bill Barnum says:

    My wife and I mailed our ballots at approximately 1830 November 8. As of 2130 November 15 we have yet received notification of a rejected ballot by any means. Both of our “ballot status” report indicate ballots were sent by the state in October 2022 but there is no indication that they have been received or rejected from voter.votewa.gov
    We are now past the site’s indicated 3-5 business day period expected for an indication of status.

    • Margaret
      Margaret says:

      When ballots are mailed, they have to be POSTMARKED on or before election day, which was Nov. 8 in 2022.
      On election day, This might require going into a post office or postal mailing outlet to insure a postmark that is on or before election day.
      Alternatively, ballots can be delivered to a local ballot drop box on election day, no postmark required.
      Voters can always contact the elections department to find out if their ballot was received or rejected. This is the website. https://clark.wa.gov/elections


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